At VidaPrimo, we produce a wide variety of programs, from short-form digital to broadcast-length shows. All content comes rights-cleared in all territories, and with few exceptions for all platforms, digital and broadcast. The music video renaissance is happening now – don’t miss your chance to capture the hard-to-get younger demographics with cultural passion point content!


Music Video-Based Programming

VidaPrimo manages the rights-cleared distribution of thousands of hit music videos to linear and on-demand platforms.  Our studio-hosted video-based shows are on the air in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Chile and Argentina. We also license individual videos to channels and carriers for interstitial programming.


Original Digital and Broadcast Formats

VidaPrimo produces several different video programs, including:

  • Capsula. The perfect bite-size way to learn more about today’s hit makers, Capsula is a convenient 1-minute digital short or broadcast interstitial.

  • Original. Our 5-7-minute in-depth interview with up and coming stars in Latin Music.

  • Stage. Live musical performances from chart-topping artists, broken into 10-minute video blocks or 30-60 minute concert performances.

  • Esta Semana. The weekly 30-minute music news magazine with on-location reports from throughout the US and Latin America.

  • Elevador. A weekly 60-minute thematic Top 10 list with in-studio hosts that can be localized for your specific market.

  • Rewind. A bi-weekly 60-minute career retrospective as told through the artist’s music videos and interviews.

…and much more. Contact us for more information.