In a crowded marketplace, how do you decide which media company to trust to deliver your target audience of Hispanic Millennials and Gen Z’s? Do you choose the trustworthy media partner that delivers impressions across platforms and stands behind an iron-clad brand safety guarantee? The upstart network that delivers high engagement metrics through culturally relevant influencers? The creative company that can create memorable, high-quality branded content at a reasonable cost?

You shouldn’t have to choose: VidaPrimo is all three in one.


Media Reach

We’re the largest network you may not have heard of before. With over 250M impressions each month across web, mobile, connected devices and smart TVs, we can satisfy any I/O. Our engagement metrics are off the charts because our content is among the most desirable in the industry: hit music videos from today’s hottest Latin artists. We exceed benchmarks for VCR, session duration, viewability and clean traffic. And our network is pre-installed with MOAT, so you know your impressions make an impression.


Influencer Network

VidaPrimo works with and represents hundreds of talented artists. We connect you to your audience through the artists they love, and our artists support your brands though their social media outlets. Most important, we cut through the red tape of securing approvals and guarantee deliveries, so you can trust the campaign will deliver the impact you’re expecting.


Branded Content Production

We are experts in the development, creation and execution of branded content. Our production team has created custom branded videos for Fanta, Miller Lite, Dunkin Donuts, Estrella Jalisco and much more.  Whether integrating your brand into hit music videos, episodes of our popular digital series, or a stand-alone campaign, we can create the brand associations that engage your audience.